For the past year I have been helping to raise money for a poorly young boy called Layton. At the end of last week I explained to year 1 that I wanted them to make some Christmas cards for a very special boy. They were really excited and could not wait to draw some fabulous super hero designs (Layton’s favourite). I am sure that these cards will put a huge smile on Layton’s face.

Mr Hunt

8 thoughts on “SUPER LAYTON”

  1. Wonderful Y1 :))) I’m sure Laytom will love all your cards. Lovely thought. Who was the most popular super heroe? Did anyone do my favourite, The Mighty Thor?? Any female super heroes? Wonder Woman? Black Widow? Storm?….

  2. Que detalle más bonito para Laytón ….le va a encantar….me gustan vuestros proyectos mucho….aqui están recaudando alimentos y juguetes para los niños pobres…es genial

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