PowerPoint Presentations



Year 4 have absolutely blown us away this week with their PowerPoint presentations.

They organised everything they have learnt this term about the Roman Empire into amazing slide shows. They learnt how to use transitions, animations, word art and sound clips to enhance their information.

They were even confident enough to present their slides to the rest of the class too! Fantastic work Y4!


Year 4 trip to Chester

Year 4 had a fantastic day in Chester at the Grosvenor Museum. They learnt lots, got the opportunity to get their hands on plenty of interesting artefacts and had a great deal of fun! The children’s enthusiasm was lovely to see and their excellent behaviour was commented on by museum staff and members of the public too! Great job Y4!

We hope you enjoy watching this video of our training for the army!

Y4 Roman Army


Class Assembly

What a fantastic effort all of the children put into their assembly on Friday! We had so much fun thinking about all the things we’ve been up to this year and the children were very proud to show off their fabulous work. A huge thank you to all that attended…and to those that couldn’t make it, we hope you enjoy these pictures as a glimpse of what it was all about.


Sound Investigation




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Year 4 have been learning about how sound travels. They were excited to make their own versions of the cup and string telephones and designed their own investigation to test which type of string would work best.


Insulators and Conductors

This week, Year 4 made predictions about whether they thought various materials would be conductors or insulators. They made human circuits and experimented by adding different elements. They were excited to see electricity travel through water and got some interesting results when they tested a pencil!


Circuit Training

Year 4 worked up quite a sweat with Craig McCann this week. They enjoyed getting stuck into some high intensity drills and there was lots of cheering each other on – fantastic team work everyone!


Friendly Fundraiser

Year Four’s Friendly Fundraiser was a big success! The children worked so hard to make their stalls irresistible. A huge thank you for all the fantastic support we received from families…we couldn’t have done it without you!


Digital Footprints

Year Four have been learning about how to use internet carefully and thinking about their own digital footprints.

The children then showed impressive graphic editing skills by copying and transferring images, and using ‘smart’ cutting tools to create effective collages.


Not just cutting and folding…

Year 4 put their resilience and determination to the test last week trying to work out how to replicate this paper puzzle. They learnt all about the brain and how to deal with difficulties.

The children worked together, discussing strategies and solving problems. They found the activity tricky but they remembered to keep thinking and keep trying. Very impressive Year Four!