Who Wants to be a Millionaire?



Just before Christmas, Year Four were hoping to win 1 million pounds to make the holidays extra special!

Children worked as a team to answer maths questions using their Epods and for every question that saw more than half of the class answering correctly, we moved up the money ladder.

Year Four managed to reach £8000 working together! Great teamwork Y4!




Egg Test – The Results

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When it was time to gather our results in Year 4, we couldn’t wait to take the eggs out of the liquids and inspect them. Lots of questions followed and we had an interesting discussion about what might have caused the different colours and textures.

Year 4 children used impressive scientific vocabulary to explain their experiment. They spoke about independent, dependent and controlled variables.  Super scientists Y4!


Anti Bullying Week – Respect

Last week, for Anti Bullying Week, Year 4 learnt about Nelson Mandela and his fight for equality. After being inspired by Mandela’s description of South Africa as a ‘Rainbow Nation’, we produced this amazing, whole class piece of artwork. Very impressive Year 4!



Shape Study





Look at some of the amazing art work Year Four have produced this week! They looked at the shapes of leaves and other clippings and arranged parts carefully to build an image. These are fantastic and so imaginative…well done all!!



Computing and Comics

We have produced our very own comics this week in Year Four. The children worked hard planning and sketching out their ideas before experimenting with shapes, fonts and photography filters….all with the added bonus of a safety message too, just in time for Bonfire Night!


Normans vs Saxons

hill pitch

Look closely at this picture. Can you see the football pitch marked out on the hill? Why might you find it difficult to play a match here?

This hill reminded me of the battle between the Normans and the Saxons. Imagine if they had played a game of football here to decide on the new King of England!

Who would win? Who would get a red card? What could the headline be for a newspaper report about this game?


Word Art




Christmas came a little early in Year 4 today. The children have had lots of fun using vocabulary to colour, and have worked hard on making their Christmas card competition entries as perfect as possible!

We are looking forward to seeing the finished products a little nearer to the holidays :)