Writing Challenge – Traction Man by Mini Grey

Thank you Isabella and Henry McLeod for completing the writing challenge about St.Michael’s Church. 2 golden tickets each.

This week we have been reading the story Traction Man by Mini Grey. Can you write some sentences about the character Traction Man? Try to include some words with suffixes such as – wonderful, amazement, astonishment, speechless or quietly.



Bloggers of the Week – Harvey and Esme

It was fun when we went to the church because we could look and touch anything. The only rules were don’t run and don’t shout. We tasted the special bread which represents Jesus’s body. We couldn’t have any wine, but the wine is for Jesus’s blood.


I really enjoyed watching the ballet of Cinderella. The step-sisters were very funny.   Esme



Y2 Visit St. Michael’s Church

Today Y2 visited St. Michael’s Church as part of their R.E. work.  Reverend Stan welcomed everyone . Y2  were enthralled and riveted as  Reverend Stan told many stories and let the children explore the church. Thank you to Reverend Stan and helpers at the church. Also thank you to the  parent helpers, and the children whose behaviour and attitude was outstanding!

Mrs Adamson