Our week…

This week our star bloggers are Aaron and Ben.

Ben has been solving maths problems. ” I made a chair with blocks, it is mummy bears chair. It is medium sized.”IMG_3737[1]

Aaron has been enjoyiong our sports week. “I did a penalty shoot-out with Wigan Athletic. I scored the red cone points”



We have had a fantstic week in reception this week. We have been creating lots of artwork with the help of Miss Pardey. Thank you Miss Pardey!

Here are some photos of our fantstic work!IMG_3676[1]



Our week…

This week our Star bloggers are Esme and Neve.


Neve has enjoyed printing in art this week with Ms Pardey. The children have been creating prints of different vehicles. “We got some ink and put it on a piece of paper. Then we peeled it off.”


Esme has been enjoying playing the bus stop game with her friends. ” I showed Henry how to play. He liked the game.”


Our week…

This week our star bloggers are Daniel and George.


Daniel brought in some tadpoles “My Grandad got them from the pond. We looked at their tails. They are going to turn into frogs. We will put them back tonight.”


This week George really enjoyed talking part in Sports Day. ” I loved the running race, I came first and got a sticker!”


Our week…

This week our ‘star bloggers’ are Annabella and Harvey.

Annabella said ” I loved playing in the tent. I liked reading the story Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary in the tent.”


Harvey said “I have been watering our plants. I really like the pea plants beacuse they are tall.”



Our new topic….

Our new topic is called On the Move.

We are going to be learning all about journeys, transport and change.

We would love it if you have anything at home that you would like to share for our information station about our new topic.